Design Inspirations with Renzo Vitale.

Design Inspirations with Renzo Vitale.

Music, art and science.

Renzo Vitale is an Italian pianist, composer, sound designer, acoustic engineer and artist who explores the narrative between music, science and human perception, envisioning sonic spaces for music to evolve, for cities to sing, for people to transcend.

His creative process involves an interrogation of the dichotomy of music and science, which inspires his endless commitment to questioning the human perception. It’s an attempt to find beauty by connecting domains of knowledge that are apparently distant from each other.

Good design is innovative.

According to Renzo, a good designer should have a clear intention.

Dieter Rams’ principle that good design is innovative resonates with me because I believe that we, as designers and creators, have the opportunity and responsibility to make a contribution to the positive evolution of human experiences.”

Braun Audio x Renzo Vitale

Moved by music.

The aforementioned evolvement of human experiences includes music as well. It’s the form of art that is capable of moving Renzo the most. Head over to Spotify for his selection of inspiring sounds.

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