LE listening – An Overview of Design & Audio Podcasts (Part 1)

LE listening: podcasts part 1

Making the most out of your audio content.

This new format features recommendations for all types of audio content, from streamed music and vinyl records to audio books and podcasts. Connect to your LE speaker to discover new sound nuances in engaging, thought-provoking and beautiful material with us, starting with a selection of figure-centric podcast episodes, some directly related to the Braun design philosophy.

Are we on air?

Are we on air?

In this weekly interview series, host Arman Naféei explores the life’s soundtrack of global personalities within the fields of music, film art, fashion, life and culture. In episode one, the show opens with punk-poet laureate Patti Smith chronicling her fascinating story from her colourful childhood to her unique residency at the Chelesea Hotel in Manhattan, which used to be a refuge for world-known creatives like Bob Dylan, Mark Twain and Salvador Dalí just to name a few.

In August 2022, the podcast is 79 episodes in, detailing gripping autobiographies with individuals like actresses Isabella Rossellini and Maisie Williams, musician Paul Kalkbrenner and designer Michèle Lamy.


Dieter Rams - Vitsœ & Ingeborg Kracht-Rams

This ambitious title goes behind the scenes of the world’s greatest superstars, thinkers and entrepreneurs to discover the secrets to their success. Episode 19 from 2018 is about Dieter Rams and how his design practices have created a seldom seen product distinction. Listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.


Oliver Grabes light Braun

Clever is a window into the humanity behind the world around us. In each episode, designer Amy Devers has candid and revealing conversations with the visionaries, culture-makers, and creative forces who shape our world and inform our society. Clever peels back the layers to unearth the gritty, authentic and sometimes surprising details of their creative paths.

In 2021, on the occasion of our 100th anniversary, Amy sat down with Oliver Grabes to discuss the legacy of Braun and how it translates into the world of today. Check out episode 154 to follow their insightful dialogue.